A love storys end!

I thougt it would be you and me. but i had wrong. You had found another girl, whit pretty face, pretty eyes.
But I said: pleas don`t leave me, I love you.
But I never come to give up. I`ll will fight for your heart.
I will never forget you.

This is a love storys end. Likes never has start, but it had comes to the end of my lifem of my heart.My heart get in two pices whe you had find another girl. I want you to know that i love you over everything else.

I thougt it wold be you and me.
But i had wrong. 
You had found antoher girl, with pretty face, pretty eyes. 
But I said: please don`t leave me,I love you. 
But I never come to give up, I`ll will fight for your heart.
I will never forgot you.

I hope that you never forgot that I love you. I really want you in my arms. I want you in my heart.
Sometimes I hope that you would be my and I will se you in your eyes
and say:

I love you, and I never foret your beautiful eyes. It had never start, but i had comes to the end.


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